RTP vs Steel Pipe

Comprehensive Comparison Between
RTP Pipe and Steel Pipe

Corrosion Treatment No Yes
Corrosion-proof Effect Integral Corrosion-proof After the corrosion-proof layer breaking, dot-corrosion will happen.
Service Life Above 20 years Within 10 years
Fluid Deposition No deposition Deposition
Transportation Capacity Smooth inside face and the transportation capacity promotes 50%. Rough inside face, normal transportation
Leakage No leakage in the whole pipeline Easy to leak
Joint Quantity Few Many
Delivery Type Coiled Straight Pipe
Installation Equipment Light equipment with few sorts and quantities Heavy-duty equipment with many quantities
Installation Efficiency The installation speed can up to 10km per day The installation speed is within 2km per day
Installation Personnel Requirements An engineer, two technicians, and several assistants Pipe installation team
Maintenance Less Several times a year