MTC RTP Pipe System

MTC RTP Pipe System

1. The internal liner pipe is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

  • The function of the liner is to act as a barrier for the transported fluid. The liner gives Master Tech pipe system its axial strength, especially in unpressurised condition and resistance to ovalisation. The liner and cover also add marginally to the circumferential strength. Specific advantage of using PE 100 as a liner is the chemical resistance and good hydraulic properties.  

2.  The most important part of the RTP system is the reinforcement layer.

  • This layer consists of ribbons made of synthetic fiber (Master Tech light, and Master Tech Classic) or steel wire cords (Master Tech Heavy) embedded in a PE 100 cover. The function of the ribbons is to compensate for the forces due to internal pressure. The reinforcing ribbons have high axial strength and do not limit the flexibility of the RTP system.

3. The External layer or outside cover is made of white pigmented, UV stabilized PE 100.                            

  • Function of this layer is to protect the reinforcement layer from soil, (ground) water and (third party) damage. When installed above ground the outside cover acts as a UV protection. The white cover reflects sunlight and reduces solar heating to insignificant levels.


MTC pipe systems design and classify as Life, Master and Legend pipe.